Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow Foot Car

Not only does this look cool aesthetically, it turns an ordinary car into a aerosleigh in an hour. 

The official site is . It is a Russian invention and the link to this is in that language, but here is the translation into English.

"Device intended for transforming the usual automobile into the aerosleigh. In the usual automobile they are placed from 5 to 7 people, who can be moved on the snowy virgin soil with the comfort and in the heat.
The time of the re-equipment of usual automobile into the aerosleigh occupies 1 hour, in this case into the automobile it is introduced no changes and subsequently it can be used as a usual automobile on the roads of general use.

Device possesses high reliability by its caused simplicity.
Advantages over the usual aerosleigh:
1. Comfortable conditions
2. Smaller consumption of fuel
3. A quantity of passengers to 7 (depending on the stamp of auto-) are used low-pressure tires.".

This would be great to have for locations that get a lot of snow!

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