Monday, October 19, 2009

Yummy Mummy Bites

Make a quick and easy Halloween themed snack for your little monsters!
This is from one of my favorite food blogs, Our Best Bites:
  • 1 pkg Hot Dogs

  • 1 pkg. Cresent Rolls

  • Mustard - Squeeze bottle
  • Non-Stick Spray

Spray the pan you are going to bake the dogs in with a non-stick spray coating.  Preheat the oven to the degree indicated on the crescent rolls (mine was 375 degrees)
Cut the hot dogs in half
Open up the cresent rolls and unroll.  Pinch together the triangles together to form a squares.
Cut the square into strips
Start at the bottom of the half of the hot dog and smash down the dough, then begin wrapping the dough around the dog until about halfway up and pinch together at the top to seal.
On the backside of the dog, angle the dough leaving about 1/2 inch space for the face and continue wrapping the top of the dog for the turban part of the mummy.
Place the mummy on the baking dish or baking sheet. 
Repeat until all dogs are wrapped.  I had a square left over and made a mummy wrapping roll (2nd from bottom on the far right).  

Place in the oven and bake according to the time on the package of the crescent rolls (mine was 11-13 mins.)

Once they are done, carefully use the squeeze mustard to make eyes and a mouth on each mummy, then serve!

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