Sunday, October 25, 2009

Movie Review - Paranormal Activity - Worth Seeing by only a Matinee Prices

This movie could be Gen Y's and this decades "Blair Witch".

I went to see the movie this past weekend with my son and while I can't say that it is the "most terrifying movie ever" as some reviews have touted, it is engaging and impressive considering it was filmed over the period of a week and the budget for the movie was around $11,000.

It starts where Micah, the boyfriend, buys a video camera to try to waylay his girlfriend, Katie's fears, or more likely to satisfy his own morbid curiousity, by documenting strange noises that they have heard in the house since moving in and it is shot from the perspective of the higher end, yet non-professional video camera.

At first it is just noises and they have psychic come in and get his impression that it is not a ghost and refers them to a colleague who specializes in demonology.

There are more noises then Katie relates that she has seen and felt a dark apparition in her room since she was a little girl and her sister saw the apparition too, but it mainly haunted her. She tells Micah that she understands how this may seem new and cool to him, that this has been with her since childhood and she alludes to that she suspects it burned down her childhood home and she doesn't want to aggravate it further by having someone else come in and begs him not to do anything to aggravate it further.

As Micah's character is very arrogant and not going to let anything get the better of him, and despite promising Katie he won't, he borrows a Ouija board and tries to contact the entity and thing get progressively worst from there.

***Spoiler Alert***
The most terrifying scene for me and my son was when Katie was dragged from her bed by entity.

Much like the 1938 radio broadcast "War of The Worlds" that launched the docudrama terror phenomenon, and the more recent "Blair Witch"; it even uses the actors real names giving it further credibility and doesn't roll credits at the end - after the final scene it cuts to where it is typed what was found and not found on the scene by the police.

The movie works because it gives the real feeling and the actors were convincing in their roles, especially Katie's terror and even physical looking deterioration. It convinces you that this actually happened to the actors and could happen to you. While it may make you jump in the theatre, when you hear bumps in the night or feel your bed settling unexpectedly, it gets your imagination going. No movie can be more terrifying than what your own mind can create and that is why this movie works.

It is a movie worth seeing based on that, it is one that will be best to see on the big screen, but in my opinion is still not worth paying full price to see - hit up a matinee or wait for it to go to the discount movie theatres.

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