Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween Videos To Rent For Kids and Tweens

These are likely available for rent at your local video store,  might be available to check out from  local library, or on Youtube.


Monsters, Inc.

Something adults as well as children can enjoy; it has different worlds colliding, development of a relationship, friendships and corporate greed.  

Monstropolis is powered by the screams that the monsters bottle up by going through children's closet doors in the middle of the night, but find out what happens when a loveable little girl follows top scarer Sully back in to Monsters, Inc.

Wallace and Gromit in 
"The Curse of the Were-rabbit"

British claymation at its best and once again Wallace's inventions getting them into trouble and Gromit coming to the rescue.  This is a movie that the whole family can enjoy watching.

Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

A non-scary Halloween classic the whole family can enjoy.  This was something we looked forward to watching every year when I was kid back in the olden days when there were only 3 TV channel and no VCRs, DVD or TIVO.

Garfield's Halloween Adventure

Another non-scary story with Amercia's favorite lovable sarcastic cat, Garfield.


The Haunting Hour: Don't Think About It

From the creator of the "Goosebumps" series that stars Emily Osment from Hanna Montana and Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw in the "Saw" movies.   While my son enjoyed the "Goosebumps" series when he was younger, I usually didn't like watching them, but we both enjoyed watching this movie


Sort of like a milder version of the 3 Stooges, except with witches.

TV Series on DVD sets:
  • Goosebumps
  • Eerie, Indiana
  • Scooby Doo
  • Casper the Friendly Ghost

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Stephen said...

Have to agree with all your Younger Children ideas, they're all great. My 6-year-olds saw Monsters, Inc. for the first time last weekend and loved it. I was disappointed in it the first time I saw it, but this time I thought it was really great and very original. And the Were-Rabbit, even though it spooked one of my sons, is terrific.