Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rolling Memorial on a Hummer

The Rolling Memorial is on the Hummer of the mother, Karla Comfort ,of one of the slain soldiers, 20-year-old Lance Cpl. John M. Holmason. Her and nine other Marines were killed in a blast in Fallujah, Iraq just before he was scheduled to come home.
The Hummer started out black but was turned into a work of art by artist Robert Powell of AirbrushGuy & Co. in Benton, Ark. It took the artisit 250 hours to complete and the commercial cost of a project of would have been $25,000; however, out of respect for the fallen soldier's, he only charged the family his cost for the paint, $3,000.

The fallens soldiers on the vehicle are:
Lance Corporal John M. Holmason, 20, of Suprise, AZ
Lance Corporal David A. Huhn, 24, of Portland, MI
Lance Corporal Adam W. Kaiser, 19, of Naperville, IL
Lance Corporal Scott T. Modeen, 24, of Hennepin,MN
Lance Corporal Craig N. Watson, 21, of Union City, MI
Staff Sergeant Daniel J. Clay, 27, of Pensacola, FL
Lance Corporal Robert A. Martinez, 20, of Splendora, TX
Corporal Anthony T. McElveen, 20, of Little Falls, MN
Lance Corporal Andrew G. Patten, 19, of Byron, IL
Sergeant Andy A. Stevens, 29, of Tomah, WI

For more info and complete bios of the soldiers, check out the link below.
(Most photos above indicate they were taken by Corporal Tom Sloan)

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