Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ever wonder what to do with all those boxes that you get from your Ebay (The World's Biggest Garage Sale!) purchases?

Fear no more, you are not just limited to having the kiddies transform them into to Father's Day treasure boxes for your ex/their Daddy using the gold spray paint (left over from your flower box project where you painted the cast off auto & truck tires and put those fake plastic flowers from old boyfriends into to create a personal statement for your yard) and jewels (actually, left over earrings where you could only find one the next day after going on a bender during your drinking days) you can transform them into useful, practical furniture!

If you start saving up those boxes now, you will have enough to make both of these lovely projects in time for your nephew's graduation from high school or your niece's shotgun wedding reception, which ever comes first.

Check out this website for complete instructions for these lovely items and also a bed and couch.

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