Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Easter is coming and it is time and you can easily find marshmallow peeps that you can turn into your own unique, unusual and interesting piece of original art. All it takes is the peeps, markers, glue and other items that might otherwise be termed "scraps" or even "trash".

Some ladies that I work with and myself entered the local "Show Us Your Peeps" contest, and although we didn't win, "Harry Peepter" (picture on the right) was on the front page of the Saturday paper and one of many in a full page spread last Easter Sunday. His glasses were made out of twist ties off of a computer cord, his hat an old piece of tin foil, his cape and hair out of scraps of muslin colored with markers and the outfit and eyes glued on colored pieces of paper.

Below is Harry with the rest of the collection (clockwise from "Harry Peepter") "Johnny Peep" as Captain Jack Sparrow, "Sanjaya Peep" (sporting his faux hawk), "SpiderPeep" and "Peepton Manning"of Superbowl fame last year.

Get creative and decorate your own peeps! I would love to see them! Email me your creatations at uniqueunusualinterestingart@yahoo.com

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